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About Us

We Specialize in Fine Spot Micro Welding and Laser Engraving

Sunstone Engineering LLC designs and manufactures high-tech micro welding and engraving solutions for many different industries. In short, wherever a very small spot weld is needed in a very precise location, you’ll find a Sunstone welder.

Jewelers, power cell manufacturers, aerospace companies, automotive groups, orthodontists, dental labs, and electronics manufacturers need a Sunstone welder to assist them in the manufacturing process. Sunstone welders are used by Apple, NASA, MIT, GE, HP, SpaceX, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Harley-Davidson, and multiple government and military agencies.

The Sunstone product line includes laser, pulse arc, capacitive discharge, AC, linear DC, HF inverter, and hot bar reflow welding systems. The bulk of our products are designed and manufactured in Utah while other products are manufactured via key partner relationships. The company sells and ships welders to all parts of the world.

Sunstone sells its products primarily through industrial trade shows and events around the world. Sunstone customers, and its unique group of authorized dealers, can be found worldwide. The Sunstone executive management team is loaded with micro welding experience and knowledge, with most having joined the company in its startup mode. Now in a significant growth stage, Sunstone has complemented its team with experienced sales, marketing, and engineering professionals.


The Sunstone Brands


The Orion line of welders is well known in the jewelry, dental, and orthodontic industries for providing exceptional micro welding solutions. The Orion line includes pulse arc, laser, and engraver technologies. 


Sunstone is a distributor of Nippon Avionics welding systems, or Avio for short. Avio manufactures a variety of Industrial application products, including linear DC power supplies, HF inverters, hybrid welders, parallel and opposed weld heads, hot bar reflow systems, and seam sealers. 

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