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High Performance Welding Monitor

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High-Performance Welding Monitor System – Integrated with Run Chart, & Waveform Display.

  • Multiple Display Modes allows for Up to 10 items to be monitored and displayed on one screen.
  • 5.7″ Color LCD Touch Screen
  • Measure Current, Voltage, Welding Time, Displacement, Pressure, Current Angle and attach an external measurement device such as a thermometer.
  • Measure both Peak & RMS with Current & Voltage.
  • Measurement Current Range – 0.050-2.00kA, 0.10-19.99kA, 1.0-99.99kA
  • Mesurement Time Range – 0-300ms, 0-300cyc
  • External Power Source Adaptable
  • DC24V NPN, PNP
  • Judgment Output – 10 Select Process Control Outputs.
  • Ethernet Communication
  • CF Memory Card Slot

Welding Monitor Wave Form View

When Do I Need a Welding Monitor?

A welding monitors main purpose is when you are looking to include process controls into your welding. Many times in production you will need to ensure that the welds will be consistent and quality. In Resistance welding, if you can control just a few factors, you can provide quality and consistent welds.

Using a welding monitor is optional in most resistance welding systems. A welding monitor is for use in production settings, where the welding machine is set up to accomplish a single task. The welding monitor can both measure and record the weld settings & the actual measurements.

The Factors that you need to control are the Voltage of the weld, the Pressure applied to the electrodes, and the duration or weld time. With these factors controlled you can ensure quality welds. Additionally, you can monitor displacement of the weld. Displacement monitoring will ensure that the weld does not displace too much material.

Automation Compatible

Welding monitors and automation work hand in hand. PLC Control of the welding process allows for both triggering and measurement of the welding process. Communication can be sent to from the PLC to the welding monitoring system, such as weld triggers, and weld holds. Additionally, the welding system can send information to PLC to be recorded and to trigger other steps. Weld Monitoring is a must when looking to get an automated or semi-automated system.

Compatible with all Sunstone Welding Systems

Weld Monitoring is capable on all of the Sunstone Welding Systems. Depending on your exact application and process controls that you are hoping to achieve. For example, a force sensor and compatible weld head would be required to measure force. Additionally, external measurement devices can be connected to give additional monitoring capability. An example of this would be joining an infrared thermometer or proximity sensor. For use with the HF Inverter Power supply, and the Linear Dc Power Supply.

Multiple Output Options

The Built-in touch screen gives graphical feedback that allows you to review and see what the parameters were for the weld. As well, the unit can be configured to both print a copy of the graphical feedback, or export that to an external source. With both Ethernet and memory card saving functions, the output options will fit any need.


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