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LaserPecker Laser Engraver

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The Affordable Laser Pecker Makes Light Work of Engraving and Marking Tasks

The LaserPecker is an affordable laser engraver that delivers more than expected. Unlike more expensive laser engravers, the LaserPecker sets up in minutes and is controlled by your smartphone. Whatever you can design on your phone you can engrave. 

Laser engraving is an easy upsell—everyone wants to add initials, symbols, dates, or even pictures to the jewelry they wear. The LaserPecker's low cost and ease-of-use makes it an easy choice for jewelers who want to increase sales.

For manufacturers, the LaserPecker represents a low-cost solution to permanently marking. Whenever you need to add a part number, serial number, contact information, or logo, the LaserPecker is the solution!

Laser Engraving for Permanent Jewelry

Precision Laser Engraving

  • Highly accurate 4K resolution precision
  • 0.03 mm engraving accuracy—finer than a human hair!
  • Ultra-fine focal spot
  • 2.3x2.3 inch engraving area

Laser Engraving for Permanent Jewelry

Smartphone App Control

  • Use your smartphone to download the LaserPecker app
  • Use your phone to quick, easy design
  • Scan custom art, download artwork, or create artwork
  • Whatever you see on your phone is engraved on your workpiece!
  • Android or Apple compatible

Customize Any Bracelet, Anklet, or Necklace

  • Add initials, signatures, symbols, pictures to any charm
  • Upsell engraving services to boost revenues
  • Efficiently add serial numbers, logos, part numbers, and more!

Laser Engraving for Permanent Jewelry

Laser Engraving for Permanent Jewelry

Battery Operated and Ready for Any Pop-up

  • Fully charged the LaserPecker can operate for up to 4 hours
  • Light and ready to pack at 5.6 lbs.
  • 7.6X2.4X6.7 inches footprint

Engrave on Metal, Plastic, Wood, Leather

  • Gold, Platinum, Silver, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel, Platinum, Aluminum and more
  • Plastic, acrylic, silicone, ABS, PVC, acetate, faux leather, and more
  • Leather

Want to see the Laser Pecker Laser Engraver's in action? Check out the LP4 and LP3 videos down below

LP4 Video

LP3 Video


Sunstone's training team is ready to help you master the LaserPecker Laser Engraver for Permanent Jewelry for any particular application, like permanent jewelry, Visit our Training Page to learn more.

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