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Micro Welding Training and Instruction

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We'll Build a Training Solution Custom to Your Needs:

Sunstone has been training companies and individuals for more than 15 years. Our training group is comprised of highly skilled and experienced micro welding technicians who weld with many different metals for many different applications using many different types of welding technology. Whether you need detailed instruction for industrial applications, orthodontics, jewelry, battery welding, or anything else, we can help.

Learning how to pulse arc weld through training.

Training topics may include:

  • Welder Setup and Getting Started
  • Welding Technology and Theory: How Does this Welder Work?
  • Specific Application Instruction
  • Training for New Staff for a Specific Welder
  • Welder Maintenance and Upkeep
  • Welder Mastery: Help Me Feel More Comfortable!


Sunstone Welders permanent jewelry micro welding training.


Don't see what you're looking for? Our training group can put together a course specific to your needs.

Available in 1 Hour Increments

You decide how much instruction your budget allows. Training is charged at $200/hour via remote video conference call. Perhaps you only need assistance with one type of weld, or you need help getting started, or need insight on a specific application. Simply enter the number of hours you need and click Add to Cart!

Once we receive your order, we'll contact you to schedule your training.

If you're unsure how much instruction time you need, call or text us at +1 801-658-0015.

Meet Your Instructor

Alex Warner is Sunstone's lead instructor. Alex's hands-on knowledge of every micro welding technology developed by Sunstone comes from many years of managing the company's welding lab.

"I have extensive experience with every welding technology we offer," says Alex. "While I can help a large manufacturer get the training they need for a whole team on a complex production line, I also frequently help jewelers, permanent jewelry artists, ortho labs, and others. All I need to know is what you your learning objectives are and I can tailor the curriculum to meet your needs."

Alex always includes instruction on how to optimize processes, reduce costs, and maximize your investment in a Sunstone welder.

"I help make innovative solutions a reality," Alex says. "With my wide base of micro welding knowledge and passion for problem solving, I'm all about optimization and best outcomes. Call me and let me help you get the training your team needs."

Looking for On-site Training?

The Sunstone training group is frequently on the road helping customers all over the world. We're happy to personally train in any studio, shop, lab, or manufacturing facility. Call Alex Warner at +1 385-999-5223 for on-site training information and pricing.

Training FAQs

How is the training delivered?

Sunstone's training group will connect with you remotely. You'll want to use a tablet or laptop during the training so you can be close to your welder. Please test your video and audio settings prior to starting your training session. On-site training is available. Call Alex at +1 385-999-5223 to get a quote.

How do I schedule the training date and time?

Once we receive your training order we'll contact you to schedule the actual training.

Can I organize training into different dates and times?

If you've ordered more than two hours of training we're happy to complete the training into one-hour blocks that may occur at different times and dates.

What if I need to reschedule?

Call us at least 24 hours before your scheduled training time and we'll be happy to find another date and time that works for everyone. We understand that unexpected events or conditions may affect your ability to be available for your training date and time; however, Sunstone reserves the right to cancel your scheduled training and, at its discretion, may or may not provide a refund.

Will Sunstone provide training materials?

You are responsible for having welding samples available during the training session.

Shipping Outside the USA?

Sunstone ships welders all over the world every day. Kindly note that Duties and Taxes are not calculated nor collected by Sunstone on international orders. In most cases, the assigned carrier will notify you of any additional required fees. Thank you!

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