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Orion LZR ECO Benchtop Laser Welders

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Orion LZR Eco Benchtop Laser Welders

State-of-the-Art Micro Laser Systems

Harnessing Light to Advance Your Art

An Orion laser micro welder from Sunstone lets you accomplish extraordinary welds in the most difficult of places. With a laser, if you can see where a weld needs to be, you can reach it. The artist in you will appreciate the ability to use the laser to smooth and polish a work area or fill porosity in half the time. With a laser, there’s no electrode maintenance to interrupt your work, which saves time.

The Orion LZR ECO Advantage

Motorized Spot Size Adjustment 

The Orion LZR 35 Eco and LZR 160 Eco offer a motorized spot size adjustment that you simply define from the touchscreen interface. This is much easier to operate than the manual driven spot size adjuster that you physically move up and down found on other comparable laser welders. The manual adjuster makes it difficult to know what size you are at, and how much you adjusted the spot size. The Orion LZR Eco laser welders display the exact spot size digitally on the interface. 

Wide Spot Size Range 

Additionally, the Orion LZR ECO Series offers a 0.2-2 MM adjustable spot size range. Other comparable laser welders do not offer as wide a range. 

Full Control Power Options 

The Orion LZR ECO Series gives you full control of power and time independently. Other comparable laser welders only offer standard preset power options. 

More Power Than The Rest

The Orion LZR Eco Series offers two models: 35 joules and 160 joules of laser welding power. 35 joules may not seem like a lot, but many applications fall between the 25-35 joule range. If you need more power, but are working with budget constraints, the LZR 160 Eco shines!

Increased Weld Speed 

The Orion LZR ECO Series can weld up to 6 shots per second. That is twice as fast as most comparable laser welders.  

Argon Hookup 

The Orion LZR ECO Series has Argon as a standard feature, most other comparable laser welders do not. 

7" Full Touchscreen Display 

The Orion LZR Eco Series uses a 7" Display with Sunstone’s industry leading software! You’ve seen what the other comparable laser welders offer. 

Orion Benchtop Laser Welder User Manual

LZR ECO Laser Welder Applications

  • Weld precious and non-precious metals
  • Add Metal
  • Small wires
  • Bond dissimilar metal
  • Weld porosity or cracks using filler material
  • Repair watches, eye-wear and other minutia
  • Weld dental & orthodontic appliances
  • Repair antique jewelry
  • Repair jewelry settings without removing stones

LZR ECO Laser Welder Features / Benefits

  • High precision / Weld any workpiece with confidence
  • An advanced cooling system / Less wear and tear on the machine
  • An intuitive touchscreen interface / Very easy to operate
  • Microscopic weld joints / Weld small workpieces easily
  • 10x stereo microscope / See the workpiece closeup and clearly
  • Customizable welds / Manipulate the weld to your standard
  • A larger than normal opening in the weld chamber / Bigger access for larger pieces allowing you to work more freely
  • Pulse-shape settings that allow configuration of how the laser functions on different types of metal / Weld on any metal
  • Save up to 100 customized settings / Switch between your most used settings with the touch of a button
  • Superior, high-efficiency components / A cooler running system that reduces stress on critical-wear parts and greatly reduced maintenance
  • Repeatable control over laser settings / Precise welds every time
  • High-efficiency optics to enable a higher average power output from fewer joules / Efficient running machine 
  • User-friendly, touch-screen control / Setting weld parameters is simple and quick
  • Proprietary interface design / Easier control of welder setting selection
  • An advanced constant-voltage inverter power supply that eliminates power spikes / More effective welding that drastically extends the life or the flashlamp


Sunstone's training team is ready to help you master the Orion LZR ECO Benchtop Laser Welder Visit our Training Page to learn more.

Shipping Outside the USA?

Sunstone ships welders all over the world every day. Kindly note that Duties and Taxes are not calculated nor collected by Sunstone on international orders. In most cases, the assigned carrier will notify you of any additional required fees. Thank you!

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