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Āeon HF™ Inverter Welder

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Advanced HF Inverter Technology. Perfection in Every Weld.

The Aeon HF is a high frequency inverter spot welder that leverages the latest technology to produce an exceptional weld for many different applications. With the Aeon HF, Sunstone has re-invented high frequency welding technology, providing manufacturers with an ultra-modern HF welding solution backed by experienced customer service and a 2-year warranty. With one look, you can tell the Aeon HF is not your typical HF inverter welder.

Key Features:

  • Weld times up to three seconds
  • Higher duty cycle than other options
  • Exceptionally clean, smooth welds
  • 3-phase power input
  • Adjustable upslope and downslope energy control
  • Production-ready with closed-loop feedback
  • Independently control 2 separate welding pulses
  • Ready to be paired with a Sunstone weld head
  • Easy to learn and operate
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty

"With one look you can tell Sunstone has re-invented high frequency welding!"

The Āeon HF inverter welder's large color digital touchscreen display allows the operator to control every aspect of every weld.

The Āeon HF will complete more successful welds within a give time period than the competition, outperforming its nearest competitor three to one. The Āeon HF inverter welder's advanced duty cycle design is a benefit to every manufacturer because it will complete two welds by the time any other welder finishes just one. Packed with digital energy control and closed-loop feedback, the Āeon HF provides a cleaner, smoother weld.

A large, digital touchscreen interface reduces operator training times while supporting exact energy control over every aspect of the weld. The result of innovative digital control is what Sunstone calls a “smoother” and cleaner weld. The operator can create a slow, soft increase in energy as opposed to a coarse punch, resulting in less splash and a more refined look.

Advanced Technology: Not Your Father's HF Welder

The Āeon HF is new inverter welding technology, a fact much evident were you to place the Āeon HF next to any other inverter welder. You’ll be immediately struck by technology differences. With its advanced duty cycle, the Āeon HF is a game changer for many manufacturers who must boost production to stay competitive yet operate under the confines of an ever-tightening budget.

Production-Ready, Closed-Loop Feedback

Digital closed-loop feedback enables the Āeon HF to adapt to changes in resistance, dynamically monitoring the process 25,000 times per second. Should resistivity change during the weld, the Āeon HF will make whatever energy adjustments are required to meet set parameters. Automated alarms will alert the operator to discrepancies in expected results.

High-production facilities, automated production floors, or any manufacturing process wherein every weld must meet operator-defined specifications will benefit from integrating the Āeon HF into their production process. The automotive industry, medical device manufacturers, the aerospace market, battery manufacturers, and any other production process that requires high levels of process control over micro-level welds are target markets for this new welder and its advanced welding technology.

The Āeon HF was designed by the Sunstone engineering team and is manufactured in Payson, Utah by a dedicated team of professional assemblers and quality control specialists. Moreover, like all Sunstone welders, the Āeon HF is supported by a customer service team in the USA with native English-speaking technicians.

Sunstone is an ISO 9000 certified organization with more than 15 years of manufacturing experience in the micro welding space. When you choose Sunstone you're choosing quality.

Āeon HF User Manual

Aeon HF Data Sheet

The Nitty Gritty: Technical Specifications

Model Number HF-2500/208 HF-2500/400 HF-2500/480
Nominal Voltage Range (3 Phase) 208 VAC 400 VAC 480 VAC
Line Voltage Range 192 to 220 VAC 360 to 420 VAC 430 to 504 VAC
Output kW @ Max Demand 6.25kW
Output Transformer Voltage @ Max Rated Output Current 2.5V
Open Circuit Max Output Voltage @ Nominal Line 10V
Output Feedback Response Time (current, voltage, power) 40µS
Programmable Weld Pulse Segments Squeeze, Pulse 1(P1), P1 Upslope, P1 Weld, P1 Downslope, Cool, P2 Upslope, P2 Weld, P2 Downslope, Hold
Weld Schedule Memory 1,000+ (can be locked for protection)
Control Modes and Measurement Parameters Monitoring Current, Power, and Resistance independently on each pulse; monitoring Envelope, Time Limits, Energy
Graphic Display 10" Touchscreen HD LCD
Current Measurement Range/Accuracy 200A to 2500A ±2A
Voltage Measurement Range/Accuracy 0.10V to 10V ±0.05V
Power Voltage Measurement Range/Accuracy 0.01kW to 6.25kW ±20W
Custom Alarms Visual, Audible; PLC Outputs

I/O and Data Communications

Input Isolation All Inputs/Outputs Fully Isolated
Firing Switch Initiation Single, Dual Foot, Mechanical, Optical Firing Switch
Remote Control Basic Weld Schedule Select, Advanced Remote Weld Settings Select, Weld Inhibit, Emergency Stop
Ethernet Modbus Change Weld Schedules, Change Individual Weld Parameters, Receive Detailed Weld Data
Electrode Voltage Weld Voltage Feedback Operation
Weight 67 lbs
Dimensions 12.5” x 19.5” x 15” (318mm x 496mm x 381mm) [W x L x H]


Sunstone's training team is ready to help you master the Āeon HF™ Inverter Welder Visit our Training Page to learn more.

Shipping Outside the USA?

Sunstone ships welders all over the world every day. Kindly note that Duties and Taxes are not calculated nor collected by Sunstone on international orders. In most cases, the assigned carrier will notify you of any additional required fees. Thank you!

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