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HF Inverter Welder

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HF Inverter Welder by AVIO

The Avio HF inverter welding power supply is a highly efficient micro precision welding power supply.  AC current is rectified into DC current in such a way that the heat efficiency is good and suitable for precision welding. Stable welding quality can be expected because of the electric current and voltage feedback control that responds to changes during the weld. The machine is capable of fast repetition rates, and is therefore suitable for use in automated systems.  The weld current is highly stabilized during the welding process, and is ideal for welding precision electronic parts. The huge benefit is the potential for high productivity and high speed welding. A maximum of 8 transformers can be configured to form a multi-transformer system.

The machine is available in a 4k (4000 A) or 8k (8000 A / 4000 A) model.

Features of the HF Inverter Welding Power Supply:

  • Multi control mode (constant-current, voltage, power)
  • Pre-weld check function
  • Long-time welding (maximum 3sec)
  • Graphic display of welding waveform on large LCD
  • Multi monitoring function
  • Welding waveform-memory function

*Sunstone is able to sell AVIO products only in the USA


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