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PJ Scope™ Mobile 5x Optics for Permanent Jewelry

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The PJ Scope is a self-standing, transportable microscope engineered to seamlessly pair with the Orion PJ, Orion mPulse, Zapp, or Zapp Plus permanent jewelry welders.

The PJ Scope is a must-have tool for every dedicated permanent jewelry artist. From 5x magnification to intelligent safety features and the freedom of a self-standing design, the PJ Scope is the answer to all your permanent jewelry welding needs.

Premium 5x Magnification Optics: The PJ Scope's premium optics magnify your view, allowing you to see every chain link, jump ring, and delicate detail with exceptional clarity. Boost your welding confidence and ensure precision in every weld.

Automated Optical Shutter: Safety and comfort are paramount. The PJ Scope's automated optical shutter intelligently blocks harmful weld flash, safeguarding your eyes from potential harm.

Self-Standing Base: No more hassle with clamps or setup headaches. The self-standing base provides stability and ease of use, requiring no table clamp. This sturdy foundation ensures that you can concentrate solely on your customers.

Light, Bright and Comfortable: The PJ Scope was designed with permanent jewelry artists in mind. Ready for any event or pop-up, the PJ Scope weighs just 7.15 lbs. Its compact design makes it the ideal on-the-go tool. Soft rubber eye pads offer hours of comfortable welding and the PJ Scope’s powerful LED lights brighten your workspace, allowing you to weld with precision.

Portable for Pop-Up Success

At just 7.15 lbs, the PJ Scope is your portable powerhouse. It seamlessly transitions from one pop-up event to another, becoming an indispensable tool for your permanent jewelry business. Its 10 x 6 inch base eliminates the need for clamps, allowing you to position it swiftly on any surface.

Setup Made Simple

Setting up the PJ Scope is a breeze. Place it on a table, effortlessly connect it to your Orion PJ, Orion mPulse or Zapp permanent jewelry welder, and position the chain using the PJ Scope's optics. With the stylus holder keeping your tools at hand, you're all set to weld right away.

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