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RWMA Handpiece Package

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This hand piece package gives you the capability to accomplish the three most common welds in one package.

The Sunstone Dual Probe Hand Piece or DPHP consists of two copper electrodes that allow you to complete parallel welds with both electrodes on the same side. This is common in Battery tab welding.

The Sunstone Single Probe Hand Piece or SPHP allows for single point welds. This allows the user to ground the piece they are welding and use a single electrode to complete welds.

The Sunstone Tweezer Hand Piece A or THP-A is a welding tweezer that is used to complete a pinch weld. This is ideal for welding wires, or strips together. The pressure applied to the weld site is acutated by hand.

Shipping Outside the USA?

Sunstone ships welders all over the world every day. Kindly note that Duties and Taxes are not calculated nor collected by Sunstone on international orders. In most cases, the assigned carrier will notify you of any additional required fees. Thank you!

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