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Ultrasonic Welding System

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Ultrasonic Welding System

The basic components of our ultrasonic welding systems consist of an ultrasonic generator unit (power supply) and a welder main unit (weld head / press).

By applying ultrasonic vibration and force to the objects to be joined, welding is achieved by utilizing the heat generated at the boundary surface of the objects.

Components of our Ultrasonic Welder Systems:

  • Ultrasonic Generator: A commercial power line frequency (50/60 Hz) source is converted to high electrical frequencies of ultrasonic range or higher
  • Ultrasonic Transducer & Cone: Converts electrical frequency to a mechanical vibrational frequency and amplitude
  • Horn: Resonates with the vibration of the transducer, vibration, applies force to the objects to be joined and directs energy to the area to be joined
  • Anvil (Support Jig): It is used to position and fix the object to be joined so that the vibration energy will not escape
  • Rib: It helps to direct and concentrate the energy at the joined section

ultrasonic welder system

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