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xTool F1 Fastest Portable Laser Engraver with IR + Diode Laser

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xTool F1 Fastest Portable Laser Engraver with IR + Diode Laser

Boost Your Creativity Level and Boost Your Profits!

The xTool F1 is a compact laser engraver that lets you engrave patterns, designs, photographs, and more onto your work piece. Or, personalize pendants, charms, watches, and more. The F1 is small enough to find a place in your studio. Using your smartphone, you can quickly create or edit the image you wish to engrave, send it to the F1 via a WiFi connection and the F1 does the rest in quick order.

  • 4000 mm/s Engraving for Extraordinary Results
  • Easy Setup, Easy Design, Fast Engraving Saves Time
  • Two Powerful Lasers in One Machine for Exceptional Quality
  • Ultra HD Resolution Results in New level or Detail and Realism
  • Engrave Photographs, Background Designs, Logos, Initials, and More
  • Engrave on Metal, Wood, Rock, and More
  • Cut through Wood or Acrylic
  • User-Friendly, Powerful Software for Smartphones, Tablets, or Computers
  • Overheat Protection
  • Password Lock
  • Laser Light Protection Cover
  • Smoke-Free Built-in Fan

Customize Jewelry in 5 Easy Steps!

1. Design. Use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to quickly create what you wish to engrave. You'll find the software easy to learn and use.

2. Adjust Focus. Place the work piece in the xTool F1 laser engraver and adjust the focus.

3. Preview and Positioning. The F1 will provide a preview of where the image will be engraved. Adjust the work piece or size as needed.

4. Push Start. Just push the start button on the F1 to start the engraving process.

5. Done! The F1 is faster than other engravers and provides better results.

Add Engraving Services to Your Studio!

Advertise engraving services to personalize pendants, rings, watches, and more! 

Boost Your Creative Capabilities

With the F1 you can easily and quickly add texture, depth, and design to your workpiece—much, much faster than using a hand engraver and a thousand times easier!

Lightning Fast Engraving

The F1 utilizes the TURE industrial-grade galvonometer system for faster production and extraordinary results. With the F1 you can create your art and engrave on your jewelry while the customer waits. Personalization is in high demand and boosts dollars!

Dual Lasers Means You can Engrave on Almost Anything

The F1 contains two lasers, an infrared and a diode. The advantage of two lasers is that you'll get the best engraving results regardless of the type of material you're using. The diode laser is used for wood, leather, glass, rock, and paper. The infrared laser is used for all metals and plastics.

Add these F1 Accessories to Maximize Your Capabilities

Slide Extension. The slide extension provides 4x more engraving space! Smarter processing with larger projects or multiple projects.

Desktop Air Purifier. Helps you create a safe and silent work environment when working inside. Stands next to the F1 and captures any particulates and odors.

Rotary Attachment for Tumblers, Round Objects. A must-have for personalizing tumblers. The rotary tool automatically rotates the tumbler to maintain a perpendicular angle for best engraving results.

Product Specifications

 Type Details
Laser Type 10W diode laser +
2W 1064nm infrared laser
Footprint 7x9.25x13.2 inches (179x235x334mm)
Product Weight 10.1 lbs
Accuracy Movement accuracy:0.00199mm
Repeat positioning accuracy:0.000248mm
Working Area

115x115mm rounded rectangle
Expandable to 400x115mm with accessories

Preview Rect and Ouline
Preview Speed Rect: 12000mm/s
Outline: 8000mm/s
Up to Working Speed 4000mm/s
Applications XCS, Lightburn
Supported File Types SVG, DXF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP
Supported OS Android, iOS, iPad, Windows, macOS
Power Input 24V 5A



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